Why Are Your Topics for Capstone Project So Important to Your Success?

Capstone projects are very different in focus to the traditional thesis papers. While both require you to know how to write without plagiarism and to produce work of the highest standard in the correct academic style such as MLA format; their focus is often very different. Your capstone project topics will be focused on solving a real-world issue so that you can demonstrate your skills, while a typical thesis will have an academic focus to add to the body of available knowledge.

Graduate degrees that focus on training skilled working professionals have had to move with the times. The world is changing and so must education; hence the move to capstone projects. Employers and society are looking for graduates that actually know how to apply what they have learned, not simply how to be an academic. This is why you will find the need to complete a capstone in so many fields.

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What Fields Will Be Looking for Topics for Capstone Project Writing?

There are many specializations that require you to write capstone papers. They are usually the subject areas that will be looking to produce working experts with proven skills. Some of the most popular areas that require capstone paper topics:

  • Nursing
  • Business
  • IT
  • Psychology

Choosing Capstone Project Topics for Your Specialization

If you look at research paper title examples you will see that they cover many different areas of your subject. When you select capstone project ideas however they really do need to satisfy certain criteria to be acceptable. Often you will have to submit a proposal before the application deadline and have it approved prior to being able to start your capstone on your chosen topic. Your senior research paper topics must:

  • Solve a real-world problem in your field and give you the opportunity to display the skills that you have been taught.
  • Be feasible: you have to have the skills, time, and other resources required to be able to complete the project by the deadline.
  • Have a clear focus: you should be able to clearly define the purpose of your research and what your expectations are.

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Examples of Research Paper Titles and Topics for Your Research

The following are some examples of different topic ideas for the different specializations that you may be asked to write within:


You need a project that will allow you to demonstrate the skills that you have learned. Often this can be developing a program or app that solves an issue within your school or for any work experience that you may have. Examples are:

  • Developing an online enrolment system
  • Creating an online reasoning test
  • An asset management system for a hotel
  • Web-based forum and newsletter for local church
  • Web-based IQ testing system


Many MBA programs will require you to complete a capstone now rather than a more traditional paper. You will often want to choose something that is going to showcase your talents and provide you with something good for your resume. Topics can include ideas such as:

  • Improving bottleneck operations within a steel mill
  • Investigating low risk funding sources for entrepreneurs
  • Comparison of process improvement techniques
  • Value of implementing a QMS such as ISO9001
  • Reducing time to market for new baking products


Most nursing courses today include a capstone requirement. Most of the time you will have had experience within your area within an institution that will have exposed you to many issues that will make for good projects. Ideas can be:

  • Checklist for teen patients in cardiology
  • Relationships between stress and cardiovascular issues
  • Cancer patient quality of life improvement
  • Diabetic diets that patients can stick to
  • Improving flow of patients in ER during emergency situations


This can be a challenging area in which to write a capstone but one that can provide you with many opportunities. The following are some ideas that you could use:

  • Language acquisition for disabled students
  • Techniques to reduce classroom disruption from disadvantaged students
  • Language development of children of drug-dependent mothers
  • Improving quality of life for terminal illness patients
  • Real solutions to social media bullying

Use our online advice and writing tips to help you to select the right capstone project topics for your chosen subject area.