Why Are Your Senior Capstone Project Topics So Important?

At the end of the senior year, you will be expected to complete your culminating project or senior capstone. This piece of research and writing must meet the standards expected of other higher research papers and can have a significant impact on your ability to graduate. For many, a pass will be required to graduate. The senior capstone project titles that you select for your paper will decide how easy your project will be and your chances of success. You have to be able to demonstrate the skills that you have been taught and present them through a written paper of the highest standard. If your topic does not give you the opportunity to do this then you are sunk before you even get out of port.

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Selecting the Right Senior Capstone Project Topic for Your Paper

Knowing where to start when selecting your senior research paper topics is very important. After all the ideas for capstone project that you select will decide on your final outcome. You must get your decisions right from the beginning.

To achieve this you must fully understand what it is that your tutors will be looking for from your research project topics. They will be required to review your selections and approve them prior to you starting your project, this will help to ensure that you will have a high chance of a successful project. Here are more capstone project requirements. The following is what they will be looking for from your topic area for senior capstones:

  • Is it feasible: can you actually do everything that you need to do in the time that you have available and the resources that are there for you.
  • Is it relevant: it must be a real-world issue that you can investigate while giving you the opportunity to show off all that you have learned.
  • Can you define your project: does it have a clear goal. Without this, it can be a project that will simply go around in circles and not achieve anything.

List of Senior Capstone Project Ideas

list of senior capstone project titlesEven if you do not see a project that will directly interest you the list that we provide may give you an idea that you could follow through on:

  • What effect will fracking have on our local environment
  • How does our local air quality compare to national averages and requirements
  • Does your router present a danger to your health
  • Should blast fishing be legal
  • What happens when our graveyards are full
  • Should school children be allowed to choose their own gender
  • What are realistic gun control methods
  • How can schools protect against mass shootings
  • Should religion be allowed in school
  • Is the internet really neutral
  • Is stem cell research ethical
  • Should the US be in the united nations
  • What really drives teen pregnancy
  • How is immigration affecting the job market in our city
  • Does the food stamp program really help people

Consider our senior capstone project ideas and advice for selection to ensure that you get the right topic for a successful paper and the highest grades.