Why Is It Important to Choose a Good Title for Your Capstone?

Your capstone paper is the culminating project of your degree. It is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to apply your learning to solve a real-world problem. But like other research papers, it must be in the correct project proposal writing format and perfectly written from start to finish. Your capstone title must be able to get the attention of the reader to make them want to read. It must also clearly communicate what your paper is about so that it is clear to anyone reading your title what to expect from the paper. But how do you choose the right capstone paper ideas and titles for your project?

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What Should a Good Research Title Be Like?

A good title is one that is short and snappy while accurately communicating what your paper is about. A list of capstone project titles and topics will often give you many good examples of what they should look like. Often, however, you will change your title as you progress from your initial proposal through to your final paper as your understanding of the problem evolves. A good title, however, should cover some of the following:

  • What is the actual purpose of the research being conducted
  • The scope covered by your research
  • The specific methodology employed to solve the issue
  • The tone employed for writing your paper
  • What was actually discovered when doing your research

Good titles should not contain excessive descriptive words or anything that adds no value. It needs to be concise and to the point, while clearly describing what your research is about in a way that will get the attention of the reader.

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How to Craft a Good Title for Your Project Proposal Writing Format

Writing your title well is important; after all, it is the first thing that the reader will look at and it has to be able to clearly communicate what your paper is all about. The following tips will help writing capstone paper titles:

  • Keep the title short: you should be aiming for less than 15 words, around 10 is better. This means avoiding pointless introductions such as “A study into the effects of …”
  • Start by identifying the keywords for your piece of research. Consider all of the following questions:
  • What is the paper about?
  • What methods were used?
  • What was studied?
  • What were the results?
  • Once you have your keywords you can link them together into a single sentence using appropriate joining words.
  • The chances are at this point your title will be too long; so remove all unnecessary words from the title that you have just created.
  • Reword the title so that it is effective and snappy.

Writing the Best Capstone Paper

Whether selecting capstone project ideas for business or any other subject area you need to ensure that the topic that you select will be something that you will be able to get a good project from. Writing a capstone project well requires a good start and that means selecting the right topic area. Something that is going to give you a good chance of success while still giving the reader something of real interest.

You also need to know how to write without plagiarism. Your capstone must be totally unique to you and not simply copied from elsewhere. Where you have used other people’s ideas within your literature review you must use the correct project proposal writing format to ensure that your citations and references are perfectly arranged. When complete you should always review the first draft and be prepared to do a complete rewrite. It is rare that our initial work is our best, but what you submit must be perfect if you are going to get the results that you need.

Use the correct project proposal writing format and select the right title for your paper by following our expert advice for your capstone paper.