Is Writing a Project Proposal Important for Your Capstone?

The capstone is the culminating project that you will have to complete at the end of your course. It is more often than not used instead of a thesis where the program is looking to develop individuals that are able to apply their knowledge in their fields such as in nursing and IT. It will require you to clearly demonstrate your skills by resolving real-world issues that are important to your field. The project proposal writing is important as you will need to clearly demonstrate that you have chosen a topic area that you are going to be able to research with a high probability of success. Your supervisor will not want you to go off along the wrong path with no chance of every finishing your project. Therefore if you want to be able to proceed with doing your capstone and gaining your graduate level qualification you need to ensure that your project proposal writing is done perfectly.

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Selecting the Correct Topic for Your Capstone Proposal

The topics for capstone project writing must always be chosen with great care if you are to have any chance of completing your paper to the right standard. Topics for capstone project writing must be something that you can complete within the time that you have available for your project as well as being able to show off your skills. No matter subject you are studying communication research topics in nursing they must be:

  • Relevant to your course: it must be a real-world issue that will allow you to demonstrate what you have learned while tackling a problem of importance.
  • Feasible to conduct: you must have all of the required resources and the time available to be able to conduct the required research.
  • Focused: you must be able to define a specific outcome for your project so that you will know when you have reached your goals.

Project Proposal Writing Tips

The quality of your written proposal and your topic selection will determine whether you will be allowed to continue on to conduct your research. It is therefore very important that you have chosen the right topic area for your personal research and that you are able to communicate that effectively in a well-written proposal. Our tips to help writing a proposal will support you in developing a paper that will show your ideas in the best possible light:

  • Check what is required for your proposal. Some programs require you to provide a formal capstone proposal paper while others require you to answer a series of questions on pre-prepared forms. Always follow their specific instructions.
  • Do some background research to clarify that you have selected the correct topic for you and that you will be able to complete the paper to the right standard.
  • Outline your proposal using the required structure prior to starting to write. This will make your writing easier and help you to avoid issues later.
  • Edit and proofread your paper to ensure that you submit a proposal that is free from any issues within your writing.

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Dos and Don’ts of Capstone Project Proposal Writing

The following dos and don’ts will help you as a reminder of what you should do with your proposal:


  • Select your topic idea with care to ensure that you will be able to complete your research
  • Do check the requirements of the program to get clear instruction how your work should be written
  • Do ensure that you submit your proposal on time and in the right format
  • Ensure that you work with your supervisor and use their advice


  • Leave everything until the last minute
  • Copy anything that you see, your proposal should be original
  • Forget to proofread your writing prior to submission

Follow our advice for capstone project proposal writing and ensure that you submit a paper that you can be proud of.