Worry no more, if you’re in the same boat as others finding the best capstone topics this year. In the following, we’ve compiled a long list of the capstone titles you might want to choose from and work on for yourself.

Nursing Capstone Topics

  1. Status quo of Correctional Facilities in First World Countries
  2. Effects of Recidivism: What is it?
  3. The Mentality of a Recidivist
  4. Discharge of Recidivist Patients with Mental Illness
  5. Physical Activity in Connection with Pediatric BMI
  6. Fundamental Theories and Studies on behavioral model of Utilization
  7. Urinary Causes for Women in who are 65 years old or older
  8. How to reduce the effects of urinary symptoms among women
  9. A study on the Senior Care Clinic on Nurses
  10. Causes of ADHD for Teens
  11. What happens to patients after being diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  12. How to survive prostate cancer
  13. Kinds of Pain Assessment Tool
  14. Assessment on Cardiovascular and stress disease among middle-aged women
  15. Fallacies about Diabetes
  16. Issues on Nursing Management and how can they be solved
  17. Bipolar Disorder among toddlers
  18. When can you detect ADHD
  19. Things you need to know about medical reconciliation development
  20. Reason to learn Cardiac Skills for adults
  21. Sickle Cell Disease: What is it?
  22. How to detect early signs of dementia behavior problems
  23. Risk Facts of breastfeeding to premature infants
  24. Effects of Vitamin D to patients with Osteoporosis
  25. Individuals who should use nurse case managers and diabetic care
  26. Acute pain: Best ways to assess it
  27. How to personally deal with sleep disorders
  28. Health Care Interaction results
  29. Medical approaches to encourage women to breastfeed
  30. Geriatric Care Management Issues
  31. What you need to know about Chronic Pulmonary Disease
  32. Detecting Medical Errors and how to correct them fast
  33. Success of online learning for nursing
  34. Improvements of nursing assessment tool
  35. Psychological assistance to patients with altered body
  36. Qualitative methods to handle diabetes among toddlers
  37. Cross-cultural issues in nursing training
  38. Immunization regimen for children
  39. Effects of ambulatory care setting
  40. A comparison between old and new healthcare
  41. Transition shock trainings: What is the most appropriate
  42. Advancements of nursing care management
  43. What does it take to be a nurse leader
  44. Classroom learning for nursing
  45. Things to know about Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  46. Assessment on care management in hospitals
  47. Transition Shock Trainings: What you need to know about it?
  48. Preventing Lyme disease among toddlers
  49. Disseminate facts on HPV
  50. How can patients avoid rehabilitation of stroke patients
  51. Managing Type 3 diabetes
  52. A link between the length of hospital shifts and quality of patient care
  53. Education students about asthma
  54. Sleep Apnea in connection with heart failure
  55. Sense of competition in nursing
  56. Nursing certification updates
  57. Family-centered care: A review
  58. Kinds of Sexually Transmitted diseases
  59. Probiotics as cure for diarrhea
  60. Non-pharmaceutical approaches for psychological management
  61. Difference of asthma care in hospitals and nursing homes
  62. Strategies to enhance treatment for obesity
  63. Different roles of anesthesia
  64. Development of anesthesia through the years
  65. Safety of anesthesia
  66. Rate of patient falls in the United States
  67. Countries that have number of patients: What might be the cause
  68. Reasons why wounds are the primary causes of hospital admissions
  69. Which is better, wound care or antibiotics?
  70. What you should know about wound care
  71. A study on nurses who made history
  72. Sleep orders caused by stress
  73. Can insomnia kill you?
  74. Who is more into nursing job, male or female?
  75. Utilization of modern healthcare to reduce medical records
  76. Utilization of virtual private network to enhance healthcare services
  77. Significance of nurses for the management of acute diseases
  78. How to appropriately correct patient’s opinions
  79. Effects of technology to nursing care
  80. Utilization of social media on nursing profession
  81. Is the Nurse population enough to cater patients in the United States?
  82. Kinds of Emotional nursing strategies
  83. Post-treatment care by nurses
  84. How can nurses avoid getting infections from clinics
  85. Utilization of anesthesia to teens
  86. Home transfer: Can it make the patient better?
  87. How to make hospitals more baby-friendly
  88. Geriatric Care Management: What you need to know
  89. How to plan during emergencies
  90. Understanding dysfunctional behavior
  91. How to make a facility patient-centered
  92. Health interventions to prevent the acquisition of sexually transmitted disease
  93. How to make dosage calculations easier
  94. What does congestive heart failure do?
  95. Big changes from a student to RN
  96. Programs to promote breastfeeding
  97. Roles of nurses in depression
  98. Kinds of hospital-acquired infections
  99. Successful approaches to educate people about HPV
  100. The cure to ADHD: Is there one?

Feel free to check more nursing capstone project ideas: the more options you have – better result!

BSN Capstone Ideas

  1. Can children really get diabetes at a young age?
  2. A study on people’s awareness for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  3. Causes of sleep apnea on toddlers
  4. Utilization of technology for a more advance health care management
  5. Difference between male and female health issues
  6. Causes why asthma can be acquired even you are old
  7. Learning skills to address asthma on your own
  8. Teaching Neurosurgery to beginners
  9. Helping teenagers identify puberty changes on their own
  10. Advance diagnostic tests: How do they differ to the old ones?
  11. Nursing roles for home transferred patients
  12. Rate of survival for patients who suffered congestive heart failure
  13. Enhancing nursing care for pregnant women
  14. What you need to know about environment medicine
  15. Development of nursing measures on children
  16. How elders cope with dementia
  17. A review on Elderly care through the years
  18. Who is most likely diagnosed with bipolar disorder: Children or adults?
  19. How can sleep be affected by your age
  20. Preventing readmission after surviving stroke
  21. Status of medical access in urban areas
  22. Comparison of health access between rural and urban areas
  23. Kinds of disease common in rural areas
  24. Are rural areas more prone to infections?
  25. Advance medical facilities effects on the quality of health care
  26. Ratio of nurses to patients in rural areas
  27. Ratio of nurses to patients in urban areas
  28. Diseases predominant to infants
  29. A careful study of the developments of nursing profession
  30. Emergency management
  31. Teen obesity and how not to carry it as adults
  32. Facts surrounding obesity
  33. Has obesity become a social issue?
  34. Are nurses paid well?
  35. How bottle-fed infants get the best health care like breastfeeding
  36. Reasons why mothers do not breastfeed
  37. Patients diagnosed with ADHD: How to deal with them
  38. Significance of HPV vaccination
  39. HPV Awareness
  40. Status of diabetes awareness in Africa
  41. Non-pharmacological measures for dementia
  42. How to naturally prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  43. Cure for diarrhea: Probiotics versus Antibiotics
  44. Preventing Lyme disease
  45. How to help public be aware of the symptoms of diabetes
  46. Measures to reduce the pain from post-anesthesia
  47. Rate of young adults suffering from diabetes
  48. Common causes of diabetes
  49. Rare causes of diabetes
  50. How to naturally cure diabetes
  51. Fundamentals of Bedside shift report
  52. Utilization of dimensional analysis for dosage calculations
  53. Remarkable survivors of cancer
  54. Quality of life after surviving cancer
  55. Understanding dysfunctional behavior
  56. Enhancing medical units to be more patient-friendly
  57. A review on visitation models
  58. Substance Use Disorders: What are they
  59. Patients surviving from substance use disorders: How are they now
  60. A comprehensive study on culturally acquired diabetes
  61. Programs preventing culturally acquired diabetes
  62. Status of breastfeeding promotion in a clinic setting
  63. Practices in hospital that should be stopped
  64. Studying the behavior of patients with dementia
  65. Old practices in hospital that should be brought back
  66. Effective nursing trainings
  67. Pharmacological measures to deal with pain
  68. Best measures for diabetes to elders
  69. The ethics of a registered nurse
  70. Quality of life after surviving congestive heart failure
  71. What registered nurses wanted to learn when they were still students
  72. Procedure of bedside shift report
  73. Medical interventions to prevent sexually transmitted disease
  74. Socio-Cultural Problems linked to illness
  75. How to communicate well with patients when they are diagnosed with serious illness
  76. Understanding cerebrovascular disease
  77. Strict compliance with nursing ethics
  78. Theories significant in nursing at present
  79. Is nursing a good career to take?
  80. Quality of nursing education in the United States
  81. Kinds of spinal disorder
  82. Issues surrounding community health nursing
  83. Proper meals for patients with cancer
  84. Do proper meals really have effect when you are sick?
  85. Why obese people have a hard time to lose weight
  86. Dieting without depriving yourself: A note for obese people
  87. Family’s effect on the health of children
  88. Teaching families a balanced diet
  89. What is a healthy meal?
  90. Government’s role for health promotion
  91. Homecare App in connection with Health: What are they?
  92. How to survive neurosurgery: A beginner’s guide
  93. What is neonatal nursing
  94. Irritable Bowel Syndrome: What is it and what you should know about it
  95. What needs to be improved in nursing profession
  96. Fundamentals of Palliative Care Patient
  97. Strategies in changing from normal diet to a proper diet appropriate for illness
  98. Importance of exercise for bedridden patients
  99. Dealing with bedridden patients
  100. Dealing with patients with sleep apnea

DNP Capstone Paper Ideas

  1. Causes of multiple sclerosis
  2. Consequences of childhood obesity
  3. Educating children on how to prevent obesity
  4. A careful study on ovarian cancer education
  5. Meningococcal Meningitis: What is it and how can it be prevented
  6. Helping in the recovery of patients after a marrow transplant
  7. A comprehensive study on coronary artery disease
  8. Type 2 Diabetes acquired through dirty feet
  9. How to prevent diabetes through safe foot care in Africa
  10. Dietary Habits: How to start and maintain it
  11. Schools teaching asthma protocol to teachers and students
  12. Status of asthma care in medical homes
  13. Developments of antihypertensive medications
  14. Helping nurses to cope from patients’ deaths
  15. Role of nurses to pain management
  16. Self-check on symptoms of heart failure
  17. A study on pediatric lyme disease
  18. Care transitions over the years
  19. Programs and trainings on clinician support
  20. Stroke survivors: Their life after and not to be readmitted
  21. Weight loss journey: Small steps
  22. How not to acquire Type 2 diabetes
  23. Medical Interference for Antibiotic Overuse
  24. Burnout: How can you prevent it
  25. Measures to enhance pediatric body mass
  26. Getting to know smoking cessation
  27. Status of community hospitals
  28. Quality of service in hospitals in rural areas
  29. Causes why teens get depress
  30. Studying depression on elders
  31. Interventions in geriatric depression
  32. Enhancing primary care
  33. Distressing approaches for caregiver
  34. A quick look on the procedures of clinical practice
  35. Remarkable experiences of registered nurse in their first year in the profession
  36. Ways to improve relationship between patients and nurses
  37. Significance of nursing autonomy in the clinic
  38. Enhancing nursing satisfaction in rural areas
  39. Medical interventions to reduce obesity
  40. Roles of Government for Nutritional Awareness
  41. Leadership skills among nurses
  42. Significance of nurse leaders in hospitals
  43. Step-by-step procedure in alcohol detoxification
  44. HIV Testing: When should it be done
  45. Geriatric Nurse Practice in Emergency Department
  46. How to approach elderly patients properly and in a friendly manner
  47. Is nursing education worth it?
  48. How to prevent sepsis shock as cause of death
  49. Reduction of mortality rate from septic shock
  50. A review on pediatric setting: What should be improved
  51. Management system in clinics and hospitals
  52. Roles of employers in the health of employees
  53. Preventing hypothermia
  54. Health care in businesses
  55. How homeless persons take care of themselves
  56. Qualities to be a successful family nurse practitioner
  57. Interventional radiology: What you need to know
  58. Fundamental differences of children care and adult care
  59. A study on cervical motion
  60. Language discrepancy: Is it a problem in health care?
  61. Children trauma and how it affects them when they grow up
  62. How to survive the nursing profession
  63. Wound management in connection with orthopedics
  64. Relation between socioeconomic status and diabetes
  65. Dissemination of the causes and prevention of hypertension
  66. Drug Abuse: Current status
  67. Things to know about mild cognitive impairment
  68. Evaluation on electronic health record
  69. Remarkable doctors in United States
  70. A review on anesthesiology
  71. A comparison of prostate cancer treatments in different countries
  72. What is gynecologic cancer
  73. Can you cure gynecologic cancer
  74. An assessment of Urban health on children for vaccination
  75. Monitoring employees health record
  76. Technology’s role on antihypertensive medications
  77. Trainings available for nurses to improve their skills
  78. Smoking Cessation effects
  79. Education interference in nursing
  80. Effects of Delayed prescription of antibiotic from antibiotic overuse
  81. Nanotechnology as an education tool in nursing
  82. Enhancing dietary habits among obese children
  83. Patient flow enhancement in an urgent care facility
  84. Training and programs designed to reduce medical errors
  85. Treatment to Obesity
  86. Understanding early departure
  87. Preeclampsia: What is it all about?
  88. Landmark researches on autism
  89. Inmates with diabetes: How are they taken care of
  90. Monitoring the health of inmates
  91. Government’s role to improve the health of inmates
  92. Self-Management Programs after discharge
  93. Success of HIV Testing
  94. A tour in the acute-care hospital
  95. How Hispanic countries promote health care
  96. What happens when a diabetic person has also acquired HIV
  97. A designed model for HIV-care
  98. An assessment on war trauma
  99. Vaccination rates in rural areas
  100. Quality of primary care in medical homes

IT Capstone Topics Ideas

  1. Biometrics importance
  2. Utilization of software for package tracking
  3. Assessment of smart data in rural areas
  4. Significance of blockchain technology to enhance cybersecurity
  5. Artificial Intelligence impact on healthcare
  6. Factors to enhance artificial intelligence
  7. Do United States really need artificial intelligence
  8. Status of artificial intelligence in rural areas
  9. Status of artificial intelligence in third world countries
  10. Countries that have successfully implemented artificial intelligence
  11. Security of face recognition systems
  12. Pros and cons of text recognition systems
  13. Voice recognition systems: Are they safe?
  14. Significance of data mining
  15. Consequences of network security
  16. Computer security issues
  17. Success of trainings done online
  18. What you need to know about face recognition systems
  19. Intelligent systems, how can they help in the success of businesses
  20. Quality assurance
  21. Remarkable people in the field of Information Technology
  22. Impact of Steve Jobs in Information Technology
  23. Social Media as one of the most significant creations in the of IT
  24. Traveling back in time through technology
  25. A link between Science and Technology
  26. Interventions of mobile applications for an enhanced education
  27. Knowing the possibility of life in Mars because of technology
  28. An assessment on actual and virtual reality
  29. Components of virtual reality
  30. Fundamentals of cybersecurity
  31. Technological innovations that will come this year
  32. Greatest technological innovations of all times
  33. What will happen to the internet after 10 years
  34. Effects of technology to introverts
  35. Technology to children: A parent’s guide
  36. Is the internet the new teacher for children?
  37. What is cloud technologies in relation to data storing
  38. Significance of technologies to terrorist attacks
  39. Technology’s role in agriculture
  40. Animal breeds: Get to know them through your computer
  41. Internet, is it now a necessity?
  42. When should you get a home surveillance
  43. Assessment on the use of home surveillance
  44. Tools for theft detection at home
  45. Prevalent web applications
  46. Mobile applications to lose weight
  47. Emergency notifications in your phone: Are they helpful?
  48. Roles of technology in an individual’s financial life
  49. Socio-academic network: Should universities try it?
  50. Evaluation in the use of intelligent cars
  51. Application of nanomedicine to reduce mortality rate
  52. The history of cellular phones
  53. Does size matter in cellular phones?
  54. Light as cure for cancer
  55. Inventory management system to help small businesses
  56. A comprehensive study on cryogenics
  57. A comparison on fossil fuels and alternative energy
  58. Kinds of alternative energy in United States
  59. How to use mobile loan app
  60. Productivity through the use of intelligent time trafficking in the office
  61. Utilization of Sale App
  62. Countries that use online vehicle rental systems
  63. Billing through SMS
  64. An examination on automated call center
  65. Corrosion assessment
  66. A study on data mining
  67. Models to use for debt collection
  68. Android versus Apple: A comparison
  69. Testing intelligence through mobile applications
  70. Countries with slowest internet
  71. E-books or paper book: Which is better
  72. Teaching children how to speak through the internet
  73. Which is more harmful to children, television or internet
  74. Coin Kiosk: Is it still trending?
  75. Most useless applications in your mobile
  76. Recommended mobile apps during city tours
  77. Games that should be banned in the internet
  78. Dating applications: How safe are they?
  79. Trending taxi booking application
  80. Sleep early through the use of mobile apps
  81. A study on geo-fencing
  82. Success of online jobs
  83. Disadvantages of online work
  84. Progress of technology in rural areas
  85. Changes in transportation system through technology
  86. Flying cars: Will it be possible?
  87. Hospital administration made better by technology
  88. How teachers use technology to educate well
  89. An assessment on satellite earth station
  90. Getting to know data warehousing
  91. Assessment of information logistics
  92. Monitoring national information infrastructure through the use of technology
  93. Setting up a wireless surveillance
  94. Technology utilized for guest tracker system
  95. Language assessment in the internet
  96. Issues involving internet
  97. How technology changed the world in the past 10 years
  98. Touchscreen phones, will they be existing after 10 years?
  99. A rundown on crimes involving technology
  100. Face recognition: Its safety and disadvantages

Engineering Capstone Topics Ideas

  1. Space Mouse: What is it?
  2. Evaluation of biosensors
  3. Smart antenna strength
  4. Models available for communication network
  5. Battery using paper
  6. Materials to be used for aircars
  7. Night Vision technology pros and cons
  8. Traffic pulse models
  9. Touch screen technology history
  10. Survival of touch screen technology
  11. A review on aeronautical communications
  12. A study on blue eyes technology
  13. What you need to know about embedded web technology
  14. Updates on hydraulic car lift
  15. Drilling machine pros and cons
  16. Artificial eyes: what you need to know
  17. Countries that use windmill water pump
  18. Smart tuning approaches
  19. GPS used on children
  20. GPS: Is it really safe?
  21. Countries that create and sell robots
  22. Disadvantages of robots
  23. Effects of robots in relation to livelihood
  24. Setting up biometric technology
  25. How do you debugging on your own
  26. Car management system
  27. Agent assisted programming: An assessment
  28. Smart Tuning techniques
  29. Power generation in big businesses
  30. Robots as farmers
  31. Solar systems
  32. Engineering techniques to sustain energy
  33. Biofluid methods
  34. Climate control through engineering
  35. Factors to consider when purchasing ventilation system
  36. Air exchanger at home
  37. Monitoring the quality of materials in large constructions
  38. What is biomedical engineering
  39. Which material is for you: Steel, concrete or glass
  40. Electrical power administrations
  41. Kinds of engineering profession
  42. Uses of bio gas
  43. Water heater effects in the body
  44. Fracture approaches
  45. Kinds of engine fuels
  46. Fundamentals of maritime technology
  47. What you need to know about turbine generator
  48. Limitations of solar power
  49. A study on synchromesh gear
  50. Pros and cons of unburned bricks
  51. Urban engineering components
  52. Most sought after engineering profession
  53. Population of engineers in United States
  54. Countries that pay high to engineers
  55. Highest paid engineers
  56. Engineers who made mark around the world
  57. Quality of engineering education in rural areas
  58. Quality of engineering education in United States
  59. Reasons not to continue engineering profession
  60. Success rate of engineers
  61. Robotic arm imitating hand movements
  62. Gadgets that charge by exercising
  63. Can robots be used for firefighting?
  64. History of cameras and how it changes through the years
  65. Connection of engineering and movies
  66. Reasons to use off-grid refrigerator
  67. Approaches to make a smart greenhouse
  68. Recommend software for radio
  69. Kinds of green transportation
  70. Countries that use green transportation
  71. Countries that are planning to use green transportation
  72. Voice control in vehicles
  73. Effects of technology in engineering
  74. Gutter cleaning systems
  75. Different tasks that robots can do
  76. Which country has the best infrastructures
  77. A study on urban electric vehicle
  78. Updates on board cleaner
  79. Coconut scrapping materials
  80. Advantages of windmill
  81. Countries that use windmill
  82. Is windmill effective to generate electricity
  83. Magnetorheologic fluid effects in bicycles
  84. Renewable energy sources
  85. Sustainable resources for buildings
  86. Environmental assessment mechanisms
  87. Waste reduction through engineering
  88. Safety in the structure business
  89. Risk factors in constructing high buildings
  90. Water treatment procedures
  91. Micromechanics study of granular resources
  92. Effects of mix asphalt in road construction
  93. Environmental evaluation tolls for a maintained construction
  94. What is green energy?
  95. Efficient compact devices to measure energy use
  96. Sustainable design homes when living with toddlers
  97. Waste reduction techniques in rural areas
  98. Remarkable structures around the world
  99. A study on the highest structures in the world: How strong are they
  100. Qualities of an engineer you should look for

Psychology Capstone Topics

  1. Social cognition and depression
  2. Factors of social cognition
  3. Social psychology  and aggression roles
  4. Discrimination and prejudice causes
  5. Effect of child death in member of a family
  6. How society adjust with physical disabilities of others
  7. Attitudes changes and how it affects religion
  8. Pro-social behaviors
  9. How a family adjust to bereavement
  10. How an individual cope with physical illnesses
  11. Notion of illusion
  12. Social identity importance in shaping behaviors
  13. Shaping relationships
  14. Mind adjustment on geographical location change
  15. Eating disorders and society
  16. School environment and learning challenges and difficulties
  17. How learning disabilities affect the family
  18. How to treat persons having ADHD
  19. Relocation and effect on children
  20. Great family therapy for children behavioral disorders
  21. Immigration psychosocial effects on family emotional process
  22. Miscarriage cultural influences
  23. Needs adjustment of the bereaved family members
  24. Copper-based methods and implications in PTSD reduction
  25. Building parenting structures
  26. Benefits of divorce mediation
  27. How psychologists adjust to needs of family who are bereaved
  28. Substance abuse rehabilitation
  29. How genetics do play in psychological behavior?
  30. Cancer prevention complications for family functioning
  31. How culture affect family members
  32. Benefits of therapy work on couples
  33. Issues on reconciliation and how it affect couples
  34. Cultural influences on child’s death
  35. How death and grieving affect the family
  36. Pet loss and how it creates a problem within a family
  37. Influence of ADHD on child’s development
  38. Society and effects of autism
  39. Color psychology and cognitive development
  40. Measuring the attention given to children
  41. Ways on how to recover memory loss
  42. Why individuals encounter memories
  43. Factors that affect in solving problems
  44. Affects of a speech disorder to a child’s cognitive development
  45. Measuring critical thinking ability using psychology experiments
  46. Judgments influence in decision making
  47. Factors that cause a person to repressed his memory
  48. Development of psychology
  49. Media role in violence
  50. Factors creating violence among children
  51. Causes of psychopathic behaviors
  52. Roles of gender in modern society
  53. How parental development influence the development of children
  54. Factors that increase child abuse
  55. Reasons why ageing exists
  56. Parenting basic ways to develop psychology research
  57. Main factors on children anorexia
  58. How to study anomie in psychology
  59. Adults anorexia
  60. How anxiety prevails in the modern society
  61. Borderline personality disorders personality
  62. Psychological effects of telling the truth and lying
  63. African Cannibalism cultures
  64. How to avoid individuals anxiety about death
  65. What are personality defects?
  66. Changes in insanity measures over time
  67. Sexual orientation
  68. Deviant causes
  69. Suicidal tendencies
  70. What is narcissistic attitudes
  71. Researching about Oedipus
  72. Phobias Characteristics
  73. Reducing teenagers bulimia
  74. Antisocial behavior with modern capitalism
  75. Adolescents suicide
  76. School anxiety and effect on adolescents
  77. Mood changing among children
  78. PTSD in the workplace
  79. Common reasons about psychopathic actions
  80. Why person become schizophrenic?
  81. Large effect of seasonal disorders in certain countries
  82. Self-mutilating behavior reasons in 21st century
  83. Anxiety in groups and families
  84. Stalker personalities reasons
  85. Perverse sexual behaviors
  86. Euthanasia reasons
  87. Social pathology
  88. Psychology in chronic pain management
  89. How cognitive therapy treat anxious disorders
  90. Behavioral therapy for criminals
  91. Why people should not use antidepressants
  92. Adolescents eating disorders
  93. PTSD in a clinical environment
  94. Behavioral therapy for depression
  95. Trauma in situations and abusive relationships
  96. Insomnia effect on clinical scenario
  97. How antidepressants used with therapy
  98. Curing agoraphobia
  99. Mind reading of psychologists – the truth
  100. When people should stop using ADHD medicines

Electronics Capstone Topics

  1. Smart watch using microcontroller
  2. Heart monitoring system with the use of ECG
  3. Control system and greenhouse monitoring using IOT project
  4. IOT vehicle rescue system and accident detection
  5. Smart agriculture monitoring system
  6. Vehicle road safety and accident prevention system
  7. Smart charger using Arduino
  8. Coal mine alerting system
  9. Automatic car parking system
  10. Stand-up wheelchair
  11. Fire fighting robot
  12. Arduino radar or sonar monitor project
  13. Home air monitoring system
  14. Hot-cold water system
  15. Rotating solar project
  16. Wine turbine using inverter
  17. Regenerative power monitor
  18. IOT flood avoidance and detection
  19. Garbage monitoring with the use of Raspberry Pi
  20. Circuit breaker system
  21. Vibrator glove
  22. Automatic road light
  23. Android vending machine
  24. Robot for safety of women on night
  25. Auto billing shopping cart
  26. Rooftop solar system
  27. IOT mining worker and tracking helmet
  28. Auto pump water switcher
  29. Baby cry detector
  30. IOT prison break alerting and monitoring system
  31. IOT flood alerting and monitoring system
  32. Industry Arduino system
  33. Solar powered battery
  34. Patient paralysis health care system
  35. Wireless communication
  36. Gesture controller using holographic display
  37. Sketching machine
  38. Whiteboard robot eraser
  39. Gas fire system
  40. Plant monitoring system
  41. Fan switching system project
  42. Object follower and tracker
  43. Bill prediction with SMS alert
  44. Patient monitoring system
  45. Soldier position and health tracking system
  46. Hovercraft using android
  47. Solar grass automated
  48. Engine locking system
  49. Charging monitoring system
  50. Industrial and home safety using gas and fire detection system
  51. Energy meter with programmable bill estimation
  52. Theft detection
  53. Room temperature system
  54. Fingerprint voting system
  55. Street lights vehicle movement sensor
  56. Positioning antenna system
  57. Motor speed controller
  58. System to monitor garbage
  59. System in monitoring liquid
  60. Home automation
  61. Elevator with alert
  62. Light intensity with external light sensing
  63. Visitor counter system
  64. IOS controlled automobile
  65. Voice controller vehicle
  66. Human speed detection system
  67. PC home automatic
  68. Animals speed detection
  69. Traffic control with AVR
  70. Wireless mobile charger
  71. Remote robotic arm
  72. Machine overheat detection
  73. Vehicle theft notification
  74. GPS handcuffs with the use of geographic prohibitions
  75. Microcontroller security system
  76. Weather reporting system
  77. Fingerprint device switcher
  78. Fire fighter robot with vision camera
  79. GSM industry protection system
  80. Rain sensor car wiper
  81. Red signal alert for trains
  82. Water level dam operation
  83. Video game motion based
  84. Location guide with the use of RF
  85. Message conveyer for disabled or paralytic people
  86. RFID billing system
  87. Hazardous gas detection
  88. LPG/CNG gas prevention
  89. Time measurement system
  90. Billing meter for prepaid electricity
  91. Robotic vehicle having metal detection system
  92. Over speeding car detection project
  93. Solar lights project
  94. Android application for home appliances control
  95. Commercial power saver system
  96. Networking system
  97. AVR microcontroller projects
  98. RFID and RF projects
  99. ARM 7 and ARM Cortex projects
  100. Microcontroller 8051 projects

Senior Capstone Ideas

  1. Effects of abortion
  2. Discrimination in schools
  3. Violence in family
  4. Prisoners and prison
  5. Stem cell research
  6. Partial birth abortion
  7. Violence against unborn victims
  8. Protecting abortion doctors
  9. Racial balance in education, business and military
  10. Reverse discrimination
  11. Parents vs. no government support
  12. Separation of church and state
  13. Placement by academic ability vs. age
  14. Special needs of students
  15. Local education vs. national standardized tests
  16. Education discrimination
  17. Bilingual/multicultural education
  18. Degree requirements vs. teacher competency test
  19. Policing schools
  20. Teacher as a profession vs. teacher’s needs
  21. Parental responsibility vs. school responsibility
  22. Pregnancy, suicide and alcohol abuse
  23. Permit corporal punishment
  24. Home schooling
  25. Funding and education
  26. Should US teens adopt British custom
  27. Grade inflation
  28. Are children becomes smarter because of internet?
  29. How SEO works?
  30. How music industry been affected by digital and internet downloading?
  31. Should federal government allowed to regulate information online?
  32. Use of steroid on human body
  33. Hazards and benefit of medical marijuana
  34. Vaccination benefits
  35. Treating sleep disorders
  36. Artificial tanning risks
  37. Low fat diets vs. low carbohydrates
  38. Aerobics vs. weight training benefits
  39. Weekly exercise to achieve healthy body
  40. Health sites provide too much details
  41. Psychological disorders
  42. Should employees allowed to work during office hours?
  43. Alternative medicine
  44. Are food manufacturer’s kills people?
  45. Statistics of eating disorders
  46. How to treat depression
  47. How to avoid heart disease
  48. ADD and ADHD authenticity
  49. Coma recovery: successes, techniques and new strategies
  50. Cancer types and what way they are related
  51. Theories about Alzheimer’s
  52. Physical degeneracy forms
  53. Connections between physical well-being and emotional stability
  54. Overcoming illnesses and injury recovery
  55. How congenital diseases be treated
  56. Analyze and research the co-dependency nature
  57. Practice and history of electroshock
  58. Extraordinary limits on treatments
  59. Alternative treatments for health superiority
  60. Life preservation vs. assisted suicide
  61. Requirements for governmental insurance
  62. Should children avoid vaccination?
  63. Influence of online social networks
  64. Impact of cell phones and texting
  65. How women and men communicate using body language
  66. Media limitations
  67. Trends in global marketing
  68. Children’s advertising and programming
  69. Public outcry and media response to political ads
  70. Campaign funds and political advertising
  71. Needs of people vs. needs of the state
  72. Poor vs. rich
  73. Deficit spending and budget deficits
  74. Freedom of speech vs. protection of victims
  75. Improving race relations
  76. Pros and cons of wearing schools uniforms
  77. What are charter schools
  78. United States obligations to 3rd world countries
  79. Research funding and how it is essential
  80. Treatments that are available to people with HIV
  81. Child privacy having AIDS
  82. Limits for personal freedom and campus safety
  83. Crime and violations implications
  84. Binge drinking issues
  85. Medical research vs. animal rights
  86. Factory farms vs. animals humane treatment
  87. Employment interests, business and animal protection
  88. Academic standards vs. school prestige
  89. How to legalized steroids?
  90. Team sports social effects
  91. How internet censorship used around the globe?
  92. Global initiative impact
  93. Foreign policies
  94. Freedom of speech vs. online porn
  95. Latest ways in stealing money and identity
  96. How computer viruses spread?
  97. Instant messaging, negative texting and email
  98. Creationalism vs. evolution
  99. Alternative energy vs. fossil fuels
  100. Gun control pros and cons

Computer Science Capstone Project

  1. Computer science and biotechnology
  2. Machine education and networks of neurons
  3. Data analysis
  4. Virtual reality and human perception
  5. Computer-assistance and education success
  6. Supporting services with computer assistance
  7. Database architecture and management
  8. Importance computer  and human interactions
  9. Computation and communication limits
  10. Computers and the media
  11. Why are there numerous programming languages
  12. Digital security and private information
  13. Encrypting and decrypting and
  14. What is quantum computers
  15. The evolution of search algorithms
  16. The importance of open source software
  17. Portable gadgets software
  18. Cloud storages: disadvantages and advantages
  19. Computer viruses
  20. DDOS attacks and their prevention
  21. SCRUM methodology
  22. Apps for online medicine
  23. The latest on 5G technology
  24. Windows, UNIX and MacOS
  25. Biometrics recognizing and systems
  26. Ethical hacking
  27. ATM and bank security
  28. Torrents evolution
  29. What is block chain?
  30. Speech translation program
  31. Game theory in analyzing algorithms
  32. Clothing retailer
  33. Link between ERM stock and online site system
  34. Online survey for system
  35. Predicting stock levels with the use of neural networks
  36. Grammar checker for Irish language
  37. Fitness device in monitoring patient health
  38. Game in improving memory
  39. Analyzing CT images
  40. KPI company dashboard development
  41. System for assignment with plagiarism checker
  42. Accounting business report generator
  43. Voice to text in different languages
  44. Computer science insights
  45. Sciences and math computation
  46. Computers application introduction
  47. Introduction to computer science
  48. Data literacy
  49. Data structures
  50. Business computer application
  51. Computer science honors seminar
  52. Discrete structure introduction
  53. Computer architecture
  54. Programming languages principles
  55. Computing and numerical analysis
  56. Multimedia and imaging introduction
  57. Data management and information principles
  58. Computer algorithms design and analysis
  59. Internet technology
  60. Automata and formal languages
  61. Simulation and modeling of continuous system
  62. Statistic computer methods
  63. Computer graphics introduction
  64. Artificial intelligence introduction
  65. Advanced computer architecture
  66. Algorithms and data structures
  67. Compilers and programming languages
  68. Brain-inspired computing
  69. Knowledge representation foundations
  70. Computational geometry
  71. Visual analytics and data interaction
  72. Natural language processing
  73. Pattern recognition: Amp and theory applications
  74. Implementations of database systems
  75. Combinational methods about complexity theory
  76. Data storage, deep learning and retrieval
  77. Dependability and security of distributed systems
  78. Biomedicine computers
  79. Computer science foundations
  80. Computer science selected problems
  81. Numerical methods problems
  82. Computational robotics
  83. Software engineering introduction
  84. Effect of computers to individuals
  85. Computational thinking and modeling
  86. Computer structures and management
  87. Analyzing algorithms II
  88. Operating system design
  89. Data science using database systems
  90. What is artificial intelligence all about
  91. Computer science history
  92. Natural language processing
  93. Computation complexity
  94. Complexity theory
  95. How to hack computer security
  96. Dependability of computers apps
  97. Massive data mining
  98. Internet services design
  99. Software design topics
  100. Help of computers to people

Mechanical Engineering Capstone

  1. Effect of solar cooling
  2. Carbon credits
  3. Formula 1 racing car technology
  4. Glove hand arm system
  5. Auto pilot in vehicle
  6. Hydraulic hybrid vehicle
  7. Three axis digital accelerometer
  8. 6 stroke engine
  9. 3d solar cells
  10. Elements of acoustic finite
  11. Active decoy systems
  12. Adaptive air suspension
  13. Protection for advanced airbags
  14. Fuel cell and advanced battery development for vehicles
  15. Application of automobiles materials
  16. Nuclear reactors features
  17. Cutting tool in technologies
  18. Gas turbine advanced
  19. Wine turbine aerodynamic design
  20. Development of aerospace flywheel
  21. Marine shipping air pollution
  22. Air suspension system
  23. Airport management system
  24. Alternative vehicles fuels
  25. Antimatter: universe mirror
  26. Applied mechanics
  27. System of automatic sprinkler
  28. Air condition of automobile
  29. Challenges in automobile design
  30. Electric vehicle battery
  31. Alternatives to diesel and petrol
  32. Synthetic and biological materials
  33. Security check system
  34. Car without a  driver
  35. What is ceramic fasteners
  36. Contact or cold welding
  37. Deactivation of cylinder
  38. Diamond coatings and cutting tools
  39. Welding diffusion
  40. What is dry ice blasting
  41. Process of durAtomic
  42. What are eco-friendly vehicles
  43. Mechanical engineering: emerging technologies
  44. Transformation of energy
  45. Aircraft stability
  46. Automobiles future
  47. Portable power future
  48. Mechanical engineering future
  49. Geothermal energy future
  50. What is the future of electric vehicles
  51. Cars with heavy duty engines
  52. What is the highest altitude for aircrafts
  53. Low tides and high tides in producing energy
  54. Space applications nuclear reactors
  55. Energy and humans
  56. Two wheeler or hybrid bikes
  57. Heat transfer and hydrodynamics of circulating fluidized beds
  58. Producing hydrogen with the use of nuclear energy
  59. Hypersonic space planes
  60. Improving efficiency of gas turbines
  61. Mechanical and India engineering
  62. Mechanical engineering information technology
  63. Convection and infrared curing
  64. Emission and injection systems types
  65. Air compressor inlet conditions
  66. Classes of intelligent vehicles
  67. Thermal systems inverse design
  68. Types of jet engine
  69. Automotive engineering latest trends
  70. Pros and cons of lightweight cars
  71. Supply chain management and logistics
  72. Gas turbine low emission
  73. CNG vs. LPG
  74. Issues about magnetic bearing
  75. Strategic approach on mass customization
  76. Mechanical parking system
  77. Quality control and metallurgy
  78. Nano-mechanics and micro-mechanics of contact plasticity
  79. Modern air control technologies
  80. What are latest manufacturing processes
  81. Classes of natural gas vehicles
  82. Techniques on new rolling
  83. Nano precision new level
  84. Automobile design new trends
  85. Texturing new rolling technique
  86. Machining conventional methods
  87. Small particles manipulation and optical trapping
  88. Mechanical systems optimization
  89. Manufacturing systems performance analysis
  90. Inspection and precision manufacturing
  91. Techniques for process automation
  92. Simulation and process modeling
  93. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics
  94. Laser radar and radar guns
  95. Lean manufacturing rapid design
  96. Techniques for emission control recent trends
  97. Manufacturing recent trends
  98. Advancements on space shuttles
  99. System adaptive control and identification
  100. Is it great to use water-fuelled cars?

Accounting Capstone

  1. Best way in managing personal finances
  2. What to know about taxes
  3. How cash flow affect business
  4. How can a business maximize its investments
  5. How to managed debt or avoid it?
  6. What is the great system for payroll?
  7. Why auditing is important?
  8. What is the role of financial markets in economy?
  9. How foreign investments affect the financial markets of others?
  10. What is the effect of internet to accounting information system?
  11. When offshore accounting is illegal?
  12. When can students use accounting practices?
  13. Perfect ethical practices in accounting field
  14. Changes of accounting over history
  15. Is accounting standards really effective?
  16. Accounting systems types
  17. Accounting overview
  18. Using accounting in stock markets
  19. How to use accountancy in trade
  20. Future aspects of accountancy
  21. Accounting theories development
  22. Accounting ethical decision making
  23. Income accounting theories
  24. Leases accounting theories
  25. Income taxes theories
  26. Accounting theories on applied management
  27. Proprietorship accounting
  28. Accounting for sales and income
  29. Applications of financial statement
  30. Accounting system for equipment and fixed assets
  31. Accounts classification
  32. Business transaction analysis
  33. Difference between single entry and double entry system
  34. Explanation and definition of bill of exchange
  35. Bill of exchange discounting
  36. Classification and types of bill of exchange
  37. Explanation and definition of cash book
  38. Single column or simple cash book
  39. Work sheet explanation
  40. Final accounts explanation
  41. Revenue expenditures
  42. Sources and meanings of revenue
  43. Difference between revenue and capital expenditure
  44. No-profit organizations definition
  45. Difference between payment account and cash book
  46. Expenditure and income account
  47. Payments and receipt account
  48. Ratios analysis usefulness
  49. Ratio analysis important factors
  50. Significance of ratio analysis
  51. Statement of cash flows purpose
  52. Sections and formal cash flow statement
  53. Advantages and disadvantages of variable costing system
  54. Constraints theory
  55. Standard cost explanation
  56. Balanced scorecard definition
  57. Delivery cycle time
  58. Manufacturing cycle time
  59. Costs treatment under activity based costing
  60. Absorption costing variable income comparison
  61. Manufactured statement cost of goods
  62. Top management and activity based costing
  63. Materials price standard
  64. Material control requirements
  65. Analysis on break-even point
  66. What is contribution margin ratio
  67. Sold statement cost of goods
  68. What is income statement
  69. What is the use of ledger
  70. Information rapid flow and modern accountants
  71. Advanced technology main drawbacks
  72. Risks in design and analysis of systems
  73. Systems that improve and develop accounting
  74. Effective accounting systems in helping accountants
  75. Significant perspectives about earning management
  76. How organizations reduce taxes
  77. How to avoid debt
  78. Which markets affect managerial accounting
  79. How to escape financial fraud
  80. Forensic accountants role
  81. Conducting forensic accounting investigation
  82. What skills does forensic accountant must have
  83. Difficulties about accountancy
  84. Accounting development historical review
  85. Do organizations or cultures affect accounting theory?
  86. Meaning of accounting theories
  87. Main issues and differences of accounting theories
  88. What is equipment management
  89. Improvement project about financial accounting
  90. How to approve accounting journals
  91. Status of tax exempt
  92. Tutorial on balance sheet reconciliation
  93. Contacts and services
  94. Guidelines and policies about forms
  95. Intercampus transactions
  96. Parking, maps and directions
  97. How to prepare journal vouchers
  98. Use tax and sales
  99. Class codes on journal voucher codes
  100. Accounts charts

Science Capstone Project

  1. Exploring solar system
  2. Universe: how old it is?
  3. What people know about dark energy
  4. What is Big Bang?
  5. Learning universe and meteorites
  6. Can people live in Mars?
  7. Why Pluto can no longer be considered a planet?
  8. Asteroid Belt cause
  9. Essence of International Space Station
  10. Can people live on another  planet?
  11. Space exploration future
  12. Should US return to moon?
  13. Scientific development importance
  14. Commercial space flight future
  15. Best way in detecting comet
  16. Solving space junk problem
  17. Perspective about meteorites
  18. What should a planet must have for people to live in it?
  19. Will Higgs Boson destroy universe?
  20. How sunspots affect the earth?
  21. Development changes on space resources
  22. Should humans live on another planet?
  23. Essential technological advancements in chemistry
  24. Top chemistry careers?
  25. Best way in using and capturing carbon dioxide
  26. Chemicals triggering allergies
  27. Micro brewing beer best chemical process
  28. Chemistry of adhesives latest developments
  29. Challenges to develop eco friendly plastics
  30. Bio-computing importance
  31. Improving cell phones
  32. How clouds are being formed?
  33. Medicinal chemistry important trends
  34. Most plausible science fiction movies
  35. How science museums teach science?
  36. Insects as miniature robots
  37. How animals hibernate?
  38. Should disposable materials be limited or banned?
  39. Definition of green building
  40. Offshore drilling is it safe?
  41. Climate change legislation importance
  42. How microelectronics used in treating people with chronic ailments?
  43. Nanotechnology developments for medical applications
  44. Nanotechnology effect on development and research of medical technologies
  45. Meaning of nanotechnology
  46. How smart clothes be used on helping medical patients
  47. How nanotechnology be used in treating cancer patients
  48. Nanotechnology benefits
  49. Nanotechnology medicine risks
  50. Delivering and producing drugs
  51. Nano designs and nanomaterials challenges
  52. How nano medicine used in treating patients in developing world or remote regions
  53. How nanotechnology be used in cleaning up toxic waste
  54. Kind of fertilizer that is harmful to environment
  55. Weakening of honey bee colonies
  56. Weeds best solutions
  57. Small rice farms best planning strategy
  58. Explanation about organic farming
  59. How high technology be used in enhancing agriculture
  60. Use of antibiotic in agriculture
  61. Farming best strategies
  62. How small scale farms and family farmers helped in raising better crops
  63. What is native crops?
  64. How food crops become more nutritious?
  65. How can farmers be productive and successful?
  66. Optimizing animals welfare
  67. Using drones for warfare
  68. Bio-macromolecules and essence of it
  69. What is nuclear fusion
  70. How to create chemical coatings
  71. What is spun sugar stands?
  72. Releasing of killer mosquitoes by United States
  73. Alternative economies
  74. Why birds have colored feathers?
  75. Alternative energy companies: should they get the help of government for subsidy?
  76. Recycling metal: is it really essential?
  77. Do hydraulic freckling destroy ecosystems?
  78. How algal blooms should be prevented?
  79. Water scarcity: best ways to prevent it
  80. Improving food distribution system
  81. Is stem cell research a good idea?
  82. Definition of chimera and how helpful it is
  83. Treatment for leukemia
  84. How medical devices improve healthcare?
  85. Explanation of gene therapy
  86. Skin cancer causes
  87. Best way on how to avoid cancer
  88. Colonoscopy testing impact
  89. Why women get breast cancer
  90. Why malaria is hard to eliminate
  91. Strategy to slow STD transmission
  92. Predicting next pandemic
  93. How to prevent childhood disease
  94. What is medical imaging technologies? Is it expensive?
  95. Can dementia or memory loss be prevented?
  96. Heart disease indicator
  97. Chinese medicine work better compared to western medicine?
  98. What really science can give to people?
  99. Do doctors rely too much on science?
  100. How people get epilepsy?

Management Capstone Project

  1. Casino management techniques
  2. Real life brands attitudes
  3. Best practices to improve public relations
  4. Corporate responsibility and issues
  5. Organizational leadership and emotional intelligence
  6. Public relations in management
  7. Modern media relations
  8. Workplace and cultural differences
  9. Company revenue improvement
  10. Latest trends in management
  11. Perspective in management of the oil industry
  12. How to manage different races in the workplace
  13. Organizing a busy workplace
  14. Management process, how affected by cultural differences
  15. Managing male and female employees
  16. Management practices for developing countries
  17. How to settle cultural differences in the workplace
  18. Role in management of cultural differences
  19. How to manage language barriers
  20. Environmental supply chain management
  21. Integrating globalization in business
  22. Changing traditional management styles
  23. Ways to avoid multinational management challenges
  24. Good management techniques for developing countries
  25. How globalization changes management
  26. How the internet changes business management
  27. E-business management strategies
  28. Management issues in business process outsourcing
  29. New management techniques
  30. Globalization and impact on management style
  31. How to handle conflicts in large teams
  32. HR management practices in a diverse workplace setting
  33. Challenges of a new manager
  34. Promotion campaigns management
  35. Importance of relationship with suppliers
  36. Business approaches in problem solving
  37. Modern management practices and ethical thinking
  38. Effects of corporate strategy and capital structure
  39. Business startup management
  40. Common startup issues
  41. Rate of return and capital investment ways
  42. Effective management styles
  43. Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship
  44. How to handle a large team
  45. How to resolve issues in a large team
  46. Corporate entrepreneurship
  47. Women versus men in management
  48. Management and high technology
  49. Management resilience
  50. Contemporary issues in business and society
  51. Management styles, pros, and cons
  52. Fostering social responsibility in the workplace
  53. Organizational crisis management
  54. Are activists influencing company decisions?
  55. Management of supply chains
  56. App development for manager functions
  57. Corporate issues management
  58. Women manager’s success
  59. Global business citizenship
  60. Most successful managers and their styles
  61. Business consequences
  62. Using management apps
  63. Developing countries and management styles
  64. Managing a company in the face of a major corporate issue
  65. Winning in management issues
  66. Natural environment and green management
  67. Green management techniques in the 21st century
  68. Multinational management and language barriers
  69. Environmental regulations and management
  70. What is global mindset in management?
  71. Management changes in business
  72. Supply chain management
  73. Management strategies in social media
  74. Organizational contexts’ fairness perception and cultural differences
  75. Environmental-friendly management strategies
  76. Content management for e-commerce
  77. Internet-based management  systems
  78. Network markets and strategic innovation
  79. Strategic alliances and new products and services
  80. Effects and determinant of a merger paradox
  81. Holistic approaches and business planning
  82. Globalization in e-business and supply chain management
  83. Global context of innovation and operations management
  84. Outsourcing management functions
  85. Management customization
  86. Effects of business imitation
  87. Management issues in BPO
  88. Organizational structure
  89. Management mistakes
  90. Organizational Structure and strategy constraints
  91. New organizational form and global projects
  92. Global teams and coordination
  93. Work teams and their evolving nature
  94. Knowledge-intensive organizations and transnational teams
  95. Collaborative techniques in a large team
  96. Global teams issues
  97. Work teams and conflict management
  98. Flexible labor management
  99. Senior and junior managers: differences in style
  100. New manager roles