Get Off to a Good Start by Selecting the Best Business Capstone Project Ideas

The business capstone project needs to be completed at the end of your course. It is usually a 2-semester process and your paper will need to be completed to the highest possible standard. You should use MLA format throughout consistently (or the specified style) and ensure that your writing is without any errors. Failing to produce a paper that meets all requirements and that demonstrates your skills will result in you failing the whole program.

The capstone project ideas for business that you select right at the start of your project will dictate your chances of success. This is why you will often be required to submit a proposal by the application deadline so that your project and topic area can be approved prior to starting. Choosing something that you have no hope of completing to the standards expected of you should be avoided at all costs.

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The Business Capstone Project Topic Requirements

Selecting topics for capstone project writing can be a difficult process. Coming up with something that will be of interest to you as well as being suitable for research can be a real challenge. You will also want to select a project that is going to look good on your resume later. Selecting the right project ideas will normally mean fully understanding what makes a good project for capstone writing. This means selecting a project that will be:

  • Relevant to the area of business: You have to show that you can apply the skills and theories that you have been taught during the first part of your program. If your selection does not allow you to do this then you are likely to fail your degree.
  • Feasible: you will usually have 2 semesters in which to complete your research and writing. If your project will take longer or will require access to resources that you simply do not have then you are not going to complete your research.
  • Focused: there must be a clear point to what you are doing and a clear goal that you will achieve. Without this, you will have nothing to focus your research and you will simply go around in circles achieving nothing.

List of Capstone Project Ideas for Business

list of business capstone project ideasJust what is a capstone paper for business? The following list of capstone topics for business may provide you with an idea for your paper or will trigger an idea of your own:

  • How to build positive relations with employees in the workplace
  • How are working environments different to 25 years ago
  • Is there too much “red tape”
  • How can regulation be reduced to help entrepreneurs
  • What makes a good leader in a retail environment
  • Are workforce regulations adding significant cost to doing business
  • Should small businesses get more tax breaks
  • How responsible is an employee for their own behavior
  • Integrating different cultures in the workplace
  • How can executive abuse of position be avoided
  • Is there discrimination in the workplace
  • Should we managing our businesses differently for the age of the internet
  • How much of a business should be outsourced
  • Should we actively look at onshoring
  • Is there ever a situation in which unethical practices are justified

Select the best possible business capstone project ideas for your paper by using our advice and looking through our extensive list of ideas.